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Donate to the Silvia Miller Scholarship Fund for UCSC Re-entry Students

Each year OLLI offers scholarships to between 20 and 30 Re-entry Students at UCSC. These students are returning to the University and are at least 25 years old or are returning veterans. OLLI has always been affiliated with Services to Transfer and Re-entry Students (STARS) at UCSC, and we have had the privilege of supporting many many worthy students over the years.

Because OLLI is an all volunteer organization we are not only able to keep your donations to participate in our programs low. We are also able to use much of our membership, interest group and course donations to support the scholarship program.

However, we would love to serve more students, and increase the amount we offer to each one, so we have established the Silvia Miller Scholarship Fund as a way to receive additional donations from members for this purpose. Donations to the Silvia Miller fund are used exclusively for scholarships and are tax deductible according to law.

Silvia Miller was an early member of Lifelong Learners, OLLI’s predecessor organization. After a lifetime, she returned to get her Bachelor’s degree at UCSC, and recognized the need for special support for the Re-entry students she met. She started a fund to create financial assistance for these students, and after she died, the fund was named in her honor.

If you would like to make a donation to the Silvia Miller Scholarship Fund, please click on the link below.

You only need to fill in the starred fields. Some of the other fields pertain to general donations to the university and are not required.

You will receive an email and a letter in the US Mail thanking you for your donation. These can be saved for tax purposes.

Donate to the Silvia Miller Scholarship Fund