Parking Information

Venue and Parking for General Meetings

The 2022–2023 General Meetings are held in the College Nine and John R. Lewis College Multipurpose Room, UCSC.

The recommended, free parking lot is the Core West Parking Structure off Heller Drive.  Shuttle service is provided.  The shuttle will be at the bus stop.  You can also walk a relatively flat short distance from the Core West Parking Structure (0.4 miles). 
You can also park at the East Remote parking lot for free and walk from there about 0.9th of a mile. See map below.  There is no shuttle from the East Remote.  

Click on maps, right, for larger, printable versions.

Parking is described in detail below. We will keep you informed if anything changes.

Thank you for your participation in our meetings.
 Detailed driving directions for parking and dropoff: click here.

Parking for Meetings — General Information, Academic Year 2022–2023

UCSC requires permits to park in most parking lots throughout the campus. Permits cost $5.00 per car. 
There is no charge for the Core West Parking Garage.  See below for more information for the Core West Parking Garage.   The East Remote Lot along Hagar Drive is also free parking. There is no charge for parking at this lot on the weekends.
Student Parking Agents will sell $5.00 permits at the entrance to the parking areas 164 and 165 to the west of the Multipurpose Room. Permits are good for 24 hours. 

There is free parking for members with a handicap. See the “Information for Members with a Handicap” section below. 

We hope you will share your thoughts or concerns with our Parking Committee. 

Steps to Follow to Park for General Meetings at the College Nine and John R. Lewis College Multipurpose Room

STEP 1. If you choose to park at the lots to the west of the Multipurpose Room along John R. Lewis College Road, you will be greeted by a Student Parking Agent who will sell parking permits at the $5.00 per car. The most direct route to these lots is via Hagar Drive, left at McLaughlin Drive and right at John R. Lewis College Road.

STEP 2. If you choose Free Parking and our shuttle service, your best route to the Core West Parking Structure is to enter the campus at the West Entrance off of Empire Grade/High Street and continue to drive along Heller Drive.  The parking structure is on your right Prior to McLaughlin Drive.
Map from West Campus Entrance to Core West Parking Garage.   Click on the Map to download a pdf version.       
Bus stop to pickup shuttle                   West Exit Level 1

Information for Members with a Handicap

Anyone with a DMV handicap placard or license plate may park in the follow
ing spaces:
  • ADA (a.k.a. Accessible) parking spaces
  • “A” spaces
  • Medical spaces
  • in time zones (e.g., 10-minute spaces) for longer than the time specified
  • in meters and paystation spaces without additional payment when no other parking is available.
If there are no marked parking space, you can park in open areas as long as you don’t park in fire lanes, tow-away zones, or next to red curbs. You also can’t block other vehicles, access to dumpsters or loading docks, buildings, sidewalks, pathways, or traffic.