Concept Exchange Society

The Concept Exchange Society is an interest group of people who wish to better understand the world around us.

Members tend to be scientifically literate; with wide-ranging curiosity. Each month a speaker presents on a topic, typically accepting clarifying questions along the way with discussion at the end. The speaker may be a volunteer from within the group or someone knowledgeable on a topic from without. The important thing is that the speaker, having prepared something in advance, brings to the rest of us the benefit of considered thought. Any topic — concept — about which the volunteer has informed him or herself is acceptable; concerning, say, science, society, philosophy, art .... and more.

We meet the First Sunday Morning of each month at 10:30 a.m. at a volunteer host's house. At present, we have more members on our email list than any of our homes can accommodate, but have started a waiting list and hope to add new members in the months ahead.

Here’s a sampling of presentations:
Genetically Modified Foods Barry Bowman
Alien Wisdom (concepts wrapped in song) Nancy Abrams
History of Islam Brian Miller
The Puzzle of Biological Aging Piotr Ziminiak
The Purpose of a Company  Peter Marks
Update on Astrophysics Joel Primack
The RNA World Melissa Jurica
Quantum Computing: Harnessing a new force in nature Eric Ladizinsky
Aging in America Gail Greenwood
The I Ching: Patterns of Change Steven Strasnick
Evolutionary Psychology Andrew Neher
Greece and the European Debt Crisis Jack Michaelsen
Phonology — how voiced sound conveys meaning Dan Silverman
Hands-on Facebook Exploration Sadye Chester
The Khan Academy Jay Stoffer
How Then Shall We Live? Gail Greenwood
The rise of the extreme right in current European politics  Peter Kenez
Philosopher Pie Marvin Chester
The France I Know and Love Richard Zakarian
Blind Spotting Peter Marks
Probability & Intuition Mark Folsom
Night lights and poisons in the sea Mary Silver
From Drug Discovery to the Marketplace Ginna Holcombe
Leader: Peter Marks, 464-8300,