Current Affairs Discussion Group I

Group I meets monthly (3rd Wednesday) at sites to be announced. The group is fully subscribed, but you can ask to be placed on a waiting list.

We will meet monthly to engage in an in-depth, serious, respectful conversation about the hottest issues facing our city, county, state, country or world. The idea is not for the group to come to a conclusion, but to fully air the issue from multiple perspectives.

Once a topic is decided we’ll each look on the web for an article (not treatises or books) that present an approach or offers background to the problem and share it with the other members of the group, usually by email. At our meetings we’ll get together, enjoy our brown bag lunches, and hear how these ideas resonate for each other. Our hope is that this will illuminate new possibilities and understandings.

There are so many issues confronting us, we will surely find many to discuss. If you find our fast moving world intriguing and enjoy a good conversation about it, this is the group for you. There are limited spaces, so be sure to check with Mark to see if there is room. You will need to leave an email address so we can notify you of the location, readings and other important details about the group.

Join the group, bring a sandwich and your good ideas.

Leader Discussion Group I: Mark Gordon, 408-314-4802,