Great Books Discussion I

The Great Books group is part of the Great Books Foundation, founded in 1947 by Robert Hutchins and Mortimer Adler at the University of Chicago. We are one of the 40 groups in the Bay area. Using the Socratic method of shared inquiry we read essays, short stories, plays and other excerpts from classic and contemporary writing.

The Great Books Discussion Group meets monthly (1st Thurs., 1:15 p.m.) to discuss the Classics. If you believe that great conversation — talking about books and ideas that matter — is important, join us. Our current texts are “Great Conversations 6” and "The Seven Deadly Sins.” Purchase of the texts is necessary. Contact Faye Alexander for details of how to obtain the books.

We meet at Dominican Oaks (3400 Paul Sweet Rd, Live Oak).

Directions: Exit Hwy 1 at Soquel. Paul Sweet Rd. is the first road on the left, on the south side of the freeway. (It is also the road leading to Chaminade.) The entrance to Dominican Oaks is on the right beyond the Hospital buildings. Turn right on entry for visitor parking.


The Great Books Discussion Group meets monthly on the first Thursday at 1:15 p.m. at Dominican Oaks. New members should contact Faye Alexander to get information about the textbooks used. Map .

Group Leader

The group leader is Faye Alexander, 476-8575,