Navigating Retirement

Purpose Statement: Developing a positive outlook on retirement and developing your plan of action. Re-evaluating your purpose and direction and discovering contentment by creating a new identity and/or expanding on your pre-retirement identity. “Who am I now? What is my purpose now?” Discovering and sharing practical tools and resources.

The first group meeting will consist of everyone introducing themselves and me presenting the plan for discussions through Dec. I have five structured discussions prepared and am going to have a handbook to give out to the group members with things to do to prepare for discussions, things to ponder, and resources for the different issues/topics. 

Dates: Alternate Wednesday
Duration of Meeting: 1.5 hrs.
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Format: Group Participation and Sharing
Facilitator: Katrina Cope and Nancy Calvin
Meeting Location: Katrina’s home, Swift Street, Santa Cruz

Contact Information:
Katrina Cope: 831-713-8440 Cell,

Nancy Calvin: