Women’s Basketball

The OLLI Women’s Basketball interest group has been in operation for five years. Our players are all over 55 years old. (I’ll be 76 by the time you read this.) Some of the women have never played basketball before, while others come to us with a variety of skills. Our coach helps us with those skills, putting us through drills every Monday morning. Following the drills, we scrimmage three on three for about half an hour. We meet Monday mornings at 9:00 in the Holy Cross gymnasium and collect dues to pay for the monthly rent of the court. Please join us. Bring a women’s size basketball, (28.5”) and a clean pair of court shoes. 

It’s the best fun in town!

We may not be as fast or limber as when younger but the laughter and camaraderie are unbeatable. Come by to watch and join to play!

Group Leader: Sally Grey, Saligrey@mac.com, 831-325-0451