Women’s Basketball

ALL OF YOU, who in your youth were not encouraged to play sports, now is your moment! Let’s organize and start playing women’s basketball. Maybe we will just play H-O-R-S-E or practice dribbling in the beginning. I made my first basket in over 50 years just the other day! My moves were not as elegant as I remembered and my legs not quite as springy, but my heart is with the ball and that basket!

We meet Mondays 9-10am at Holy Cross Gym for warm-up (15min), drill (30min), and 3-on-3 play(15min). We also play Friday mornings at 10am at Ocean View Park.

We may not be as fast or limber as when younger but the laughter and camaraderie are unbeatable. Come by to watch!

Group Leader: Sally Grey, Saligrey@mac.com, 831-325-0451